Group your insurance policies and save up to 15%

With the BBVA EstarSeguro Plan, you can split the payment of your BBVA insurance policies into installments and pay for them over 12 months from the first insurance policy you include, and you can save (from the second insurance policy included) as much as 15%.

Only a few companies allow customers to group their insurance policies and pay in monthly installments without charging interest for splitting the amount, and also apply discounts for including several insurance policies.

The options offered by some companies tend to be complex, requiring certain criteria to be met in order for customers to be able to benefit from split payments without fees and/or discounts. Such requirements include a minimum number of policies to be included in the plan, minimum permanence, split payments only available for new contracts, discounts only applicable to groups and/or sets of products, etc.

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Yet with the BBVA EstarSeguro Plan you can bundle the payment of your BBVA insurance products into a single bill, and spread the payment across 12 months from the first policy you add, to be able to save (as of the second policy) up to 15%.

Payment is made using a "virtual" card (plastic-free), intended only to pay your BBVA insurance premiums and with no issue or maintenance cost, which enables you to break down your premium payments into monthly installments.

What is the BBVA EstarSeguro Plan?

The BBVA EstarSeguro Plan has been designed as a simple and transparent solution to provide you with a useful tool to plan and optimize your expenses, offering the comfort and saved time of managing the service autonomously through the website and your phone.

What are the main benefits of the service?

The benefits of Plan include being able to group together all your insurance products, whether Life, Home, Car and motorbike, Health for Individuals and the Self-employed and Self-employed temporary disability (*). You can include new BBVA Insurance policies as well as insurances you already hold with BBVA in the Plan.

Likewise, the more insurance products you include in the BBVA EstarSeguro Plan, the more money you will save. You can even enjoy up to a 15% bonus on all insurance products included that are being paid for through the BBVA EstarSeguro Plan. What's more, this bonus is on top of any other discounts you already receive on your policies. This way, each month the percentage will be calculated according to the number of insurance products you are paying for in the Plan, and the bonus will be applied on the amount of the total monthly payment.

As you see, the BBVA EstarSeguro Plan offers so many benefits. If you are still not sure if this Plan is for you, have a look at the main benefits it offers. Benefits of the BBVA EstarSeguro Plan:

  • Split the payment of your BBVA insurance policies into 12 monthly installments: You can group the payment of your insurance policies included in the Plan into one single bill.
  • No interest or fees charged for split payment.
  • No minimum number of policies and no minimum premiums.
  • No permanence requirement.
  • It is a useful tool to plan your outgoings in a simple and transparent way.
  • Easy to use and immediate benefits: You can include your insurance at any time and through any means (branches, website and phone), giving you complete freedom to manage the inclusion of your insurance products.
  • A bonus of up to 15%: Calculated and applied monthly depending on the number of insurance products included and paid for through the Plan.
  • And with a transactional telephone platform exclusively for BBVA EstarSeguro Plan customers: 91 224 98 00.

Who can sign up for this service?

The Plan is designed for individuals and self-employed workers who are BBVA customers intending to take out, or who have taken out, any of the above-mentioned BBVA Insurance products for inclusion in the service

Easy to sign up for

It is easy and simple to take out the BBVA Plan EstarSeguro at or in the BBVA app. Or if you prefer, you sign up at any BBVA branch.

Simple to manage. You can include or exclude your insurance policies at any time, through your BBVA branch, our website or by cell phone. This way, you can split the payment of all your insurance policies included in the Plan, and you will pay one monthly bill, with no extra costs.

As you can see, with the BBVA EstarSeguro Plan it is easier to plan your insurance expenses and save.

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Is there a limit to the number of insurance policies I can sign up for?

There is no limit to the number of insurance policies you can include in the BBVA EstarSeguro Plan. And, as you can see in the percentage chart, the more insurance policies you include in the service, the higher the percentage of bonus you will receive.


  • 1 insurance: 0 %
  • 2 insurance: 5 %
  • 3 insurance: 7 %
  • 4 insurance: 9 %
  • 5 insurance: 10 %
  • 6 insurance: 11 %
  • 7 insurance: 12 %
  • 8 insurance: 13 %
  • 9 insurance: 14 %
  • 10 or safer: 15 %

If you would like to know more about the BBVA EstarSeguro Plan, don't hesitate to log onto or the BBVA App to view all the available information

Moreover, you can calculate how much you can save by drawing up your own example based on your current insurance policies. Or, you can contact your adviser at your BBVA branch who will be happy to answer all your questions.

(*) The BBVA insurance policies you can include are those of car, motorbike, home, health, life and accident (you cannot include life insurance from Catalunya Caixa, Salud Pymes Insurance, auto insurance co-insured with Mapfre, or BBVA Accident Protection Insurance).

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