Grants for hybrid cars: What are they and how do you get them?

Discover how to reduce the cost of your hybrid vehicle.

Measures against pollution and society's increasing environmental awareness are making many drivers want to switch to a hybrid car. The most significant problem they encounter is their high price compared to gasoline or diesel models. 

To alleviate this situation, the Government and the Autonomous Communities are implementing several grants throughout the year with the aim of rejuvenating the Spanish automobile fleet, which surpasses 12 years on average (among the oldest in Europe).

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Grants for hybrid cars in 2019

Among the different types of green cars are: battery-powered or fuel-cell electric vehicles, hybrids and gas-powered vehicles. 

Thus, apart from grants for hybrid cars, consumers can take advantage of others for the entire range of green cars.

These are the grants for hybrid cars

  • VEA Plan: it has been put in place for vehicles powered by alternative energies, including hybrid cars. It has a budget of 50 million euros, and the grants can reach up to €5,000. It also allocates nearly 16 million to the construction and maintenance of charging facilities for these cars.
  • MOVES Plan: the grants are only available for plug-in hybrids and electric hybrids with a battery or fuel cell. It has a budget of 45 million euros and, like the previous one, has an allocation for charging stations.
  • Brand discounts for purchasing their different green models. The discount ranges from 1,000 to 6,000 euros.
  • MOVALT Plan: although it does not include hybrids, it encompasses alternative vehicles, e.g. electric vehicles, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) vehicles, compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles and fuel cell vehicles. It has a budget of 35 million and allocates a percentage to charging facilities for this type of car.
  • Renove Plan 2020: there are still a few months to go before it is launched, but it is worth noting that it may return in 2020. It comprises all types of vehicles and has an estimated budget of 200 million euros. 
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In most cases, to receive these grants, you will only have to hand over your old car (for scrap) with the MOT certification before the day the plan is approved. Nevertheless, if you have any questions, at BBVA, we recommend that you approach the nearest dealership where they can give you all the updated information on these grant schemes.

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