Simulator of pension plans and other tools for plan your saving

You help to choose the one which better adapts to the objectives that you pose.

A pension plan has as main aim the generate a saving of the one which arrange during the retirement. Your operation is based in contributions on a regular basis or punctual made for the account holder, which are invested for the managers of the plan low some criteria of profitability and risk set with anteriority. Past tenses the years, and arrived the moment of the rescue, the payee receives the money deposited as well as the possible profitability that the plan has been able to generate (on the basis of the criteria referred to above). 

There are different types of pension plans and different aspects to take into account before settle on one of them. From BBVA want that the know all and that can compare them and, for that reason, have created a series of tools that you help to do it. Moreover, put at your disposal different calculators, as the simulator of pension plans, that you help for fulfill your objectives of saving.

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Save for your retirement
Calculate how your retirement would improve with contributions to a pension plan

Pension plan simulator

This tool you support in the planning of the contributions, what you allows obtain a more complete vision of the saving for the retirement. This achieves through the calculation of the amount of the contributions necessary to reach it, as well as through the fiscal saving that if applicable obtains with these contributions. 

Once enter she, have the option of select among the wide range of pension plans that you offer and that adapt to different profiles and time horizons existing. Moreover, can estimate the entry level that be able to have when arrives your retirement thanks to the calculation of your pension.

Pension plan finder

With the search engine of pension plans can access in a simple way and ordinate to all the list of plans of pensions of BBVA. You allows filter them according to your characteristics (category, type, risk profile, etc,) and access easily so much to the information more important of each one as to the historic one of profitability of last years.

Pension Plan Comparison

Once have chosen the plans that better adapt to your objective of saving with the simulator of pension plans, the next step is compare them. This tool you allows collate until four plans, offering you a major information amount of each one, as the risk profile or the types of asset in which invests.

Tax savings calculator

As have special, during the period of accumulation, is possible reduce the contributions to your pension plan of the basis of assessment of your PERSONAL INCOME TAX, that is, obtain a tax deduction in your Annual tax return with the limits yearly established for the legislation in every territory (in the general plan, the smaller amount among 8,000€ yearly or to 30% of net yield of the work or economic activities of the exercise) that be great or smaller depending on your marginal type. With this calculator can know in how much have repercussions your contribution in this regard.
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Pension plans adapted to your needs
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Investment calculator

The calculator of investments you allows project your skills of saving for the future, selecting the principal (if it is), the frequency of the contributions (monthly, quarterly, yearly.. etc), the investing profile (with great or smaller risk) and the investment term. These details you give an estimate of the capital with which be able to tell to the retire you.
CTA Pension Simulator CTA Pension Simulator
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Pension plan tools

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