Benefits that obtain with the contributions to pension plans

Reduces your PERSONAL INCOME TAX and the risk of your investment according to the type that plan that choose.

The contributions to the pension plans that carries out the participant are the base of this product. Can be of two types depending on your frequency: periodical and punctual. Each has some distinctive good defined and contributes some benefits to the investor.  

The periodical ones are which are carried out with a regularity, monthly, quarterly and yearly, on the basis of the skills of saving of the participant. You offers a total flexibility since can stop it (definite or temporarily) when it wishes, as well as do go up or go down your amount. 

The punctual ones carry out in a sporadicway, that is, when the participant decides contribute to your pension plan a cash amount in a moment specific in which, for example, has a great liquidity. Additionally is usual do it at the end of the year, coinciding with the fiscal closing that allows deduct in the following statement of the PERSONAL INCOME TAX with the limits yearly established for the legislation in every territory (in the general plan, the smaller amount among 8,000€ yearly or to 30% of net yield of the work or economic activities of the exercise).

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What contribution type is more recommendable?

If your intention is contribute to your pension plan, the option righter is the periodical one. In the first place, supposes an effort smaller for your economy. In second, you support to diversify in several moments in the time, increasing the possibilities of get right with regard to contribute to one only one. 

With the contributions punctual lose both advantages, since are investments snap with which complicate the organization of your domestic economy. Moreover, also lose the opportunity of diversify constituting that assume a level great of risk in every investment.

Benefits of the contributions to the pension plans

The contributions yearly to a pension plan can deduct of the PERSONAL INCOME TAX, already reduce the basis of assessment and offer, with it, an amount of fiscal saving that depend on the marginal type of the contributor. For example if your retention of PERSONAL INCOME TAX is of 24% and contribute to your pension plan 3,000€ yearly, have a saving in concept of tax of 720€. 

This desgravación be great, obviously, the more contributions, up to a maximum of 8,000€ yearly or of 30% of net yield of the work and economic activities. If exceed this limit of desgravación, the law contemplates the possibility of go through the surplus to the statement of PERSONAL INCOME TAX of the 5 exercises next. 

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In BBVA have a simulator of pension plan that calculates, plans and esteem the contributions and the fiscal saving so that can organize good your plan and save what is maximum. And if not you decide, have BBVA Invest, tool that you shows the better choices of investment on the basis of your needs.
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