Advantages of open a bank account for young people in BBVA

You count which are the advantages of the Joven Account BBVA.
Nobody said that be youngster was easy, and more when open a bank account. However, yes is plainer that in times past tenses thanks to BBVA and the new account designed especially for them. Next, you count which are all the advantages of the Joven Account BBVA.
Top Joven Account - ISIC Top Joven Account - ISIC

BBVA Young Person's Account

Achieves the International Identity card of Student ISIC free during 12 months

Requirements for open the BBVA Joven Account

The only requirement for open a Joven Account BBVA is have a person between 18 and 29 years.

Without the fees usual

If have between 18 and 21 years not have to pay administration fees and maintenance of the account nor of issuance and maintenance of the debit card. And if have between 21 and 29, be exempt from pay these fees if use your card once a month. The cardholders be able to withdraw cash debit for free on the internet of more than 6,000 ATMs of BBVA that can find all over the country. Last of all, neither there are fees for carry out transfers online within the European Economic Area.

The process for open the account

The process of registration of the BBVA Joven Account is reasoned so that carries out in a fast and simple way from the app or BBVA's website without is necessary come to an office. From Internet or the app, the process carries out going up a photograph from the mobile device and completing some simple steps that allow to the customer contract and have your account quickly.

The best app of banking of the world

With the BBVA Joven Account, the account holders have access to BBVA'sapp, considered for Forrester the best app of banking of the world in the last three years. Thanks to this application, can manage in an efficient and intuitive way your accounts and cards. Likewise, with the aim of offer great terms of safety to the customers, the app adds a switch through which the users can activate and deactivate your cards in the moment that want. Moreover, with the aim that the control of expenses is a reality, the app gives the possibility of mark limits of expense for avoid that overcomes the budget that has defined.

Last of all, fits mention that BBVA's app offers the facility of be able to withdraw money of the ATM from the same mobile device in the moment the user it needs, without is still necessary that takes with him your card at all times.

Center Joven Account - ISIC Center Joven Account - ISIC

Achieves your Card ISIC free during 12 months

Discovers the BBVA Joven Account


The contracting of the Joven Account BBVA includes, for all new customers, the possibility of subscribe to the card ISIC for free during the first year. Is the identity card of students tattier all around the world, which gives access to your users to a wide range of discounts and offers in 135 countries of the world, so not only results a major advantage in the country of residence but has become the best ally for cheapen costs in the trips of many students.

Thank you a network of more than 40,000 collaborating companies , among which include major marks at a national and international level, your users can enjoy more 150,000 discounts and special services in transportation (buses, trains and airlines), accommodation holiday, restoration, leisure and culture (theater, museums, monuments, concerts or festivals).

If want know all the benefits of the Joven Account BBVA, or if wish contract it, can do it in a fast and simple way from or using our app.

A/C Joven Account - ISIC A/C Joven Account - ISIC