How can request the card ISIC contracting the Joven Account in BBVA

Achieves twice the advantages with just contract your account.
In BBVA have created a range of products for young people and students that expect give response to your needs actual. With this objective, have decided add to our Joven Account BBVA the identity card of students with great recognition international: the identity card ISIC. In this item go to explain you step by step how contract this account for enjoy way free of this identity card during a real year.
Top Joven Account - ISIC Top Joven Account - ISIC

BBVA Young Person's Account

Achieves the International Identity card of Student ISIC free during 12 months

Requirements for achieve a card ISIC with BBVA

For contract BBVA's Joven Account is necessary have between 18 and 29 years and be new customer of BBVA.

Before getting started

To the be a promotion for customers new, the contract process of the account serve also for register to the user in BBVA. There are two ways of do it: using the mobile app or through

So much from the application as through the website, and before begin the process, is necessary select the option of “Do you customer”. Next, is necessary to search the section of the Joven Account BBVA and select again the same option. The application show a notice explaining all that need for take finish the process.

How contract the BBVA Joven Account?

To the enter ‘Hazte Cliente’ (situated partly upper-right), selects the BBVA Joven Account using the button of ‘Hazte Cliente’, which gives access to the indications to follow for initiate the contract process, which appears of the next steps:
  • Select the number of account holders: the Joven Account can have until two account holders, so the borrower must point out your preferences, always reminding that both owe be new customers of BBVA.
  • Introduce the details for register as user: on the website and BBVA's application uses the ID or NIE/TIE (with letter and without spaces) as user. Therefore, in this step, the borrower owe give this information and establish a password.
  • Identify oneself: BBVA offers different possibilities of identification, being possible send a photograph of the ID, use the number of some account in another bank or carry out a videocall.
  • Complete the details: as well as the information previous, are necessary all the personal details of holder for contract the account, as well as your domicile for tax purposes and your financial details.
  • Sign: for formalize the registration of the account must sign the contracts corresponding. BBVA uses a system for text message through which sends a code to the borrower for avoid paperwork unnecessary and the displacement of the applicant until one of the offices.

How obtain the card ISIC?

The card ISIC obtains simply with contract the BBVA Joven Account, and is free for all new customers durantes the first 12 months. Besides the steps previous, only be necessary validate the email of the user. There are two ways of do it:

  • In the profile of the account holder within the Private area of the website of
  • In the profile of the account holder within BBVA'sapp.

The card ISIC have a format virtual, so also be possible manage any preference from the cell phone with the application of ISIC.

Center Joven Account - ISIC Center Joven Account - ISIC

Achieves your Card ISIC free during 12 months

Discovers the BBVA Joven Account

Enjoy the advantages

The BBVA Joven Account is suitable for any student. The reasons? In the first place, not requires the direct debit payment of no salary or bill and, for the people under 21 years old, neither has administration fees and maintenance. Anyone who overcome this age, also be able to save both fees if use the associated card to the account once a month. 

To top it all, to these advantages sum those ones of the card ISIC, free for new customers during the first 12 months. With her, the students enjoy an accreditation international, recognized for the UNESCO, that them gives access to discounts exclusive all around the world.

Don't wait any longer for enjoy the account more comfortable and current together with the best deals of the card ISIC. Visit or download BBVA's application for contract your Joven Account BBVA today.

A/C Joven Account - ISIC A/C Joven Account - ISIC