Card ISIC and your discounts: where can save?

Discovers all the advantages of this international card for students.
Are many the benefits associated to be student, but, once out of the national sphere, not always is easy prove that has right to they. The recognition international that has the card ISIC finishes with these limitations, and, moreover, has the support of an association committed to offer the best advantages to your users. If want discover all the possibilities that you offers ISIC with your discounts, follows reading.
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In what consists the card ISIC?

The card ISIC is a tool of really useful identification for the students all over the world. Your name owes to the acronyms of “International Student Identity Card”, that in Spanish means “international Card of student”. Are more than 135 countries which admit this accreditation and there are more than 155,000 discounts linked to the same one.

This card was created by the Association ISIC and, nowadays, has the recognition of the UNESCO. Is available in two formats: one physique and another digital one (through the use of a mobile application). Additionally is possible request it of way in person in some sales points or acquire it online on the website of ISIC. For any of the two options, the price is of 11€ for a year (more some possible issuance expenses), in Spain.

Advantages of mobility

The international character of the card ISIC not only owes to your recognition global, but also to your emphasis in the student mobility . This interest translates in a wide range of discounts and a complete travel insurance .

Anyone who are related to the mobility destine so much to national journeys as international in practically any means of transport . The students can travel by train and bus to the best price thanks to the collaboration of ISIC with Renfe, Interrail, Eurail, Alsa and Advances, among others companies. There are, likewise, several airlines all over the world that offer to the users of ISIC discounts exclusive. Last of all, the offers of vehicle rental companies and VTC also offer to the users the possibility get around by car.

For the international travels, the users of the card ISIC can contract also a travel insurance. ISIC Insurance is available for contract in the moment in which requests the card or at any time subsequent. The insurance coverages include benefits of luggage, accidents, hospitalization and reimbursement of medical fees, private legal liability and assistance 24 hours a day .

Discounts in tourism

Once in your destination, the students with a card ISIC be able to access unbelievable discounts of accommodation and tourism. The accommodation be usually one of the main expenses associated to any trip, so ISIC has made sure of achieve collaborators in the sector for facilitate the trips and stays of study of your users, for example, through your collaboration agreements with main youth hostels from Spain and Hostelling International.

The tourism is, moreover, a source only of knowledge: not is better way of soak in history and culture of other places that visit your museums, monuments and centers of art. Obviously, to the Association ISIC not you have escaped this detail and also has offers in this field.

Discounts of leisure

Leisure and culture go of the hand, so the card ISIC could neither leave out of your discounts the movies, the theater, the music, the sport or the television: the users can obtain from reductions in the entrances until prices special in platforms of streaming as Spotify or HBO.

Within this category, the account holders of a card ISIC also be able to enjoy offers unique in amusement parks, zoological and ski resorts, among others .

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Discounts in purchases

All the purchases can result more affordable if carry out with this card. The Association ISIC has agreements with physical establishments and digital so that the users can buy to the best price. This supposes a major advantage when obtain grade goods for the studies, since this list contains different shops and marks of books, material of stationery store, technology or electronics that are of major profit for any student, via discounts in marks so known as Apple, HP, Adobe or Fnac.

However, also is offers in shops of clothes, accessories, home or products of health and beauty, as well as in platforms of purchase and sale online as Amazon, eBay or Zalando.

Discounts in restoration and services

Given that the diet also is basic, as well as that not is better way of discover new cultures that through your gastronomy, the discounts of ISIC include several establishments of restoration. These offers cover all kind of formats: from bars and cafeterias traditional until major chains of restaurants as VIPS, Burger King, McDonald’s, Subway, Hard Rock, Coffee, Telepizza, Domino’s.

Likewise, the students face up to many other needs in time to day: carry out procedures banking, repair your car, do a medical check, photocopy of jottings, etc. For this reason, also there are discounts focused to this type of services within the benefits of the card ISIC.

In BBVA want that can enjoy all these advantages added to the comforts of a dynamic banking and actual as the one which you offer. For this reason, to the contract our Joven Account BBVA, and if are new customer, be able to access this card of student free of charge during a year. Visit or our app for contract the account and enjoys the card ISIC and your discounts thanks to BBVA.

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