Benefits of the card ISIC (International Card of Student) in your trips

Discovers all the advantages that you brings this card for take out the maximum profit to your trips.
The card ISIC is the identity card of international students with the greater number of one subscribers of the world. Moreover, is recognized for the UNESCO, what offers to your community, formed by more than 12 million students of countries of all the balloon, a wide range of discounts in cultural supplies in 135 countries. Next, you count which are your main advantages and how can take out him party to your trips thanks to a network of more than 40,000 collaborating companies and more than 150,000 discounts.
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The discounts that offers the card ISIC

The major range of one discounts that offers the card in the majority of the countries of the world does that your account holders can cheapen costs in your destination, so travel them results a lot of more economic and easy. From reductions in transportation or accommodation to more reduced prices in culture and restoration, can find offers of the best marks in all the services or products more consumed during any stay abroad.

  • Transportation: can access discounts so much if travelled for road, Alsa for the Spanish territory or Eurolines for the rest of Europe, as though it do in railway transport, Renfe or Interrail, what allows tour Europe to a cut rate. Moreover, the card ISIC has some main airlines as collaborators ―Emirates, Brussels Airlines or Iberia―, offering to your subscribers discounts of up to 20% in offers special for jovenes for fly to any point from Europe or of the world. The card also facilitates the transportation in the destination point thanks to the offers of companies as Car2go, a solution of car rental electric for minutes or hours present in several capitals European, or companies of car rental for days as Europcar or Sixt.
  • Accommodation: in issues of mobility so much for studies as for leisure, ISIC has agreements with companies as and other platforms for the search of holiday accommodation are part of the set of collaborative companies. Additionally can find offers of accommodation in the destination point. 
  • Culture and leisure: the members of the community ISIC have access to a wide range of offers for make good use of to the maximum the cultural leisure plans during your vacations; there are discounts in groups of restoration as Hard Rock Coffee, Subway, Burger King or Taco Bell, entrances with cut rate and fares special in the museums more important that are cultural heritage of the UNESCO, as well as in several centers of art, monuments, theaters and festivals distributed all over the world.
  • Entertainment: ISIC neither has careless this area, essential for enjoy the journey of any trip. This way, can access an offer unlimited of music with Spotify Premium by one half of price, discounts of up to 50% in the card of member of Fnac or a reduced contribution in HBO during some months.
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Achieves your Card ISIC free during 12 months

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In BBVA be able to have all the advantages of the card ISIC to the open the BBVA Joven Account. Once the contract, be able to request it easily through Internet or of our app, being free during the first 12 months if are new customer. In BBVA want that squeeze your youth to the maximum and you bring all the solutions of saving that need for do it possible. Enters or in our app and discovers all the advantages that have ready for you.
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