That's the way it is the card ISIC for students

Be student has many more advantages when have the support of an international partnership.
The education and the academic development of the people is one of the aspects that can contribute to the improvement of our society. For this reason, the initiatives for promote your recognition and support are beneficial so that can take out a better profit to your education. The objective of the card ISIC is precisely that: allow to the students identify oneself as such there where go for enjoy different advantages that facilitate your activity and favor your evolution. In this item you explain in detail in what consists this card international, as well as the benefits that offers.
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Achieves the International Identity card of Student ISIC free during 12 months

What is the card ISIC?

ISIC are the acronyms of “International Student Identity Card” (international card of student): a personal document that allows certify the condition of student of the account holder in more than 135 countries, linked to a network of 150,000 offers and discounts for students in culture, accommodation, restoration and a lot more. Deals, therefore, of a very useful tool for any student so much inside as out of Spain, since is useful as identification in different centers educational of the world and in associated establishments that offer discounts.

The card is available in physicalformat, but also is possible use it in digital format thanks to a mobile application. If this is the case, the user only has to download the app, register and introduce the number of your card ISIC.

From your foundation in 1953, the objective of the Association ISIC has been act as point of contact between students, teachers, universities, centers of studies, companies, organizations and institutions. Although at first were different unions of students from Norway, Holland and Denmark which participated in the association, from 1968 has the support of the Organization of the United Nations for the Education, the Science and the Culture (UNESCO), what gave a more official character and international to this card of students. In Spain, however, this card is still quite recent, since the activity of ISIC in the country not consolidated until 2012.

Who can request a card ISIC?

Just as your own name points out, the main requirement for obtain this card is be student. Not there is no age limit nor is focused to a phase educational specific, so, provided that the interested party is studying, be able to enjoy this service and your advantages. What yes that owes do at the time of the application is prove this education through an academic registration or some another supporting document.

The procedure of application is available on the website of ISIC and the applicant must assume a fee of 11€ for enjoy the card during a year from the date of issue.

Which are the advantages of have a card ISIC?

Your main advantage is that allows to the account holder access a wide variety of discounts all around the world. Many organizations and institutions, especially anyone who are public or of character cultural, have a price special for students, so simply have a document that proves that the carrier is studying some education is useful for access these cut rates, in shops so known as for example Apple, Renfe, Zalando, amazon, Spotify, among others.

Nevertheless, ISIC works in a constant way for create new collaborations with different companies, marks and establishments of all the balloon so that the users of your card can enjoy discounts regardless of where are. Nowadays, are already more than 155,000 which offer in transportation, restaurants, theaters and shops, between many other.

Moreover, the card ISIC emphasizes for your facilities with regard to the mobility. Not only the discounts in transportation favor to the students your displacement, but ISIC also offers a travel insurance abroad and counseling in the country of destination with the application of the card.

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Achieves your Card ISIC free during 12 months

Discovers the BBVA Joven Account

BBVA Joven Account and card ISIC

In BBVA also want do plainer the life of the students. For that reason, as well as adapt our services to your needs, have decided add to one of our better products the acquirement of the card ISIC. With the contracting of our Joven Account BBVA, new customers that have between 18 and 29 years be able to achieve it free of charge during the first year.

Beyond the advantages of ISIC, the BBVA Joven Account offers all the flexibility that need the young people for have your money: without fees nor need of pay by direct debit bills or salaries for access the services. To all of this addition a mobile application designed for that all the bank transactions are comfortable and simple.

Now that it know, takes out party to your phase student thanks to BBVA. Enquiry the conditions of our Joven Account BBVA in or in our app. Be able to contract this account easily in an online way for enjoy your benefits from day one. 

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