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Open a company entails certain procedures that can arrive to be something difficult and, even, hecklers. Nevertheless, for some years, the administration has leaned on the new technologies for expedite these processes. For this reason, is certain phases that already can complete online, facilitating thus the different administrative procedures. In this item, you count the process and the proper steps for register your company online, including the opening of a bank account.
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What companies can register through Internet?

Set up a business requires an earlier phase during the one which elaborates the plan of business for determine the characteristics of the future company, as well as for plan the administrative steps that the transform in a reality. One of the decisions that takeover during this phase is the type of company that create. There are different legal forms , and the three most noteworthy elements to take into account for your choice are the capital of the one which goes to arrange the business, the responsibility and the number of members. From the definition of these elements, the or the creators of the company be able to choose the legal form that better conforms to the needs of your project.

The administration Spanish, more specifically the General Management of Industry and of the SMB (DGIPYME), offers to the entrepreneurs the telematic creation of determined types of companies through your program CIRCE. Although the most part of the legal forms can register in Internet, this not always is the case. The companies that can do it are:

  • Limited company (S.L. or SRL): for this type of societies, requires a minimum of a member and a capital contributed of, at least, 3,000€. The responsibility is limited to the capital contributed in the society.
  • Limited Company of Education Successive (SLFS): the SLFS need a minimum of a member and not have a legal limit of capital. The responsibility is limited to the capital contributed in this society.
  • Limited Company New Company (SLNE): in this case, the company owes have a minimum of a member and a maximum of five. The capital legal established is between 3,000€ and 120,000€ and the responsibility is limited to the capital contributed in the society.
  • Joint assets: demands that has a minimum of two members, which blame with all your goods. Not there is a minimum legal of capital.
  • Civil Society: has to have a minimum of two members, which put in common a capital without minimum legal required with the intention of distribute the gains between yes. These members have a limited liability.
  • Registration as self-employed worker (sole entrepreneur): this legal form not requires no principal and the responsibility falls on the member only, that is person in charge with all your goods. The self-employed worker can have employees to your charge or not.

How register online

After have decided the legal form of the company and of have concretized other aspects, as the way in which goes to achieve financing, is time of give it of registration. This can do of way in person or data transmission, and to the choose one of the two se systems renunciation to the other automatically, since are exclusive. In the event that chooses the registration of online company, the entrepreneur owes fill in the Document Only Electronic (DUE) through the virtual system of the Information center and Network of Business startups, also known as CIRCE. This document has as aim the sending of the company details to different administrations in order give it of registration. For this, the DUE includes several forms that the interested party owe fill in. According to the type of company, the procedures present some variations, although the completion of the DUE is common for all of them.

Opening of a bank account for the company

Is of the type that is, a company needs have an account in a banking organization. Formerly, the process could arrive to take until two weeks, but, nowadays, can do cash in just some minutes thanks to the new registration service online of companies in BBVA. 

For open it, the company owe:

  • Be constituted and be living in Spain.
  • Have CIF that starts for To or B.
  • Have a manager only or solidary - who carries out the registration - that has nationality Spanish - as well as the account holders -, or nationality in countries Shengen, or European Economic Area, or of countries where BBVA has commercial offices (USA, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Argentina, Uruguay and Turkey).

Moreover the company owe present, always in a telematic way, the ID of the only manager or solidary, the writings of constitution and powers, have installed the digital certificate of only and solidary manager, issued by the Fábrica National of Currency and Doorbell, and, last of all, have the software of autosignature of the Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations (with which guarantees the maximum security in the process) in order validate any document in a simple way.

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Register a company online requires a process that can result complex for the completion of your different administrative phases. Initiatives as the service of online registration of BBVA do that these procedures result lither and comfortable. If have in mind create a company, throws a peep to this new service and enquiry all the products and facilities that put at your disposal in or in any of our offices.
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