Tips for choosing a good name for your business project

Choosing the company's name is one of the first steps to take
You have an idea for a business project. You think it through, shape it and decide to set it in motion. One of the first steps, though not the most important or crucial, is finding the perfect name. Sometimes it can come to you instantly or, even, have in mind beforehand and others that take a while to think it through. When facing this particular 'challenge', there are some tips.
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The first and one of the most important tips is that the name needs to be easy to pronounce, read, write and, also, to remember. Sometimes, a name may be a great idea but, in reality, is a nightmare to pronounce or to write in an email. In this case, more is less and so you should keep in mind that the shorter and more powerful it is, the better.

As well as being ‘easy’, the creative process for getting the right name is essential. Especially when you unleash your imagination, no holds barred, by using different techniques. In this process, getting help from your partners or even family and friends is always very useful and, ultimately, vital in getting the desired result.

In the creative process, you need to consider how, despite the need to have the name be as short and striking as possible, the perfect name is one that is in some way related to the activity that the company will do. It is true that achieving both of these criteria is difficult, but you have to at least try.

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Once you come up with a short list of names, next comes the tricky part: checking the domain availability, if there is a company with a similar name, or if that brand is already registered. This step can be like sieving through all the options as many of them get eliminated after this final check. That is why it almost compulsory to have many options in order to avoid being left with nothing.

And last but not least, you need to dedramatize. Sure a name can say a lot about a company, and even help considerably with its promotion and launch. There is no doubt about this. However, you also have to keep in mind that there are numerous examples of companies that have been relegated to the dustbin of history with brands that are really not good examples of a ‘best practice’. That is why, the best tip is: to work on a good name, but not to waste too much energy on it. It is probably not worth it in the end.

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