Management control in small and medium-sized enterprises

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Undertaking a business project requires a lot of organizing and planning, particularly if the company is not very big. Small and medium-size companies in Spain have faced major difficulties in recent years and many experts agree that management coordination is one of the factors that has hindered growth. The specific aim of management control is to organize how to plan and assess a company's results in order to improve performance. In the next section, we explain the features of management control and how to implement this process to achieve success.
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What is management control?

Management control is a set of processes that have been designed to help companies comply with their objectives. This management method is especially important for SMEs that need to develop their business and find their place in a market dominated by large multinationals. This management system includes prior planning and the subsequent application and assessment of results, such that it is possible to measure the performance of a business strategy and adapt or improve it where necessary. Therefore, it is an integrated management system that covers all operational levels within an SME. The philosophy of this management method is that analysis is essential in order to monitor a business' progress. This analysis must be based on financial, administrative and operational information in order to enable personnel to make informed decisions that are favorable for the company. The controller is responsible for implementing the management control system. This role has arisen to cover the need SMEs have to manage both the different elements within a company and the interaction between these elements in an integrated way.

Elements of management control planning

The first step towards implementing a good management control system is to establish a strategic plan that is both realistic and ambitious. To do this, you must take a company's situation as a starting point and then assess it. Once a plan has been devised, the required objectives must be put down in writing, together with the period in which it is expected they will be obtained. This plan must then be used to distribute and assign the different resources a company has to the activities and departments involved in the plan. Only then is it possible to optimize the available resources to achieve the best results.

Applying the management control strategy

Planning is not the only management control activity a company must perform. One of the key steps involved in this method is to monitor how strategic plans are applied. A company's decision-making process must always be substantiated and based on reports and actual data. Therefore, planning must be accompanied by real-time analysis that provides the data needed to ensure that those in charge make the most beneficial decisions for the company's business interests at all times. An SME with a good management control system will monitor the strategic plan to make sure it is implemented correctly. This involves checking that resources are used as planned and that the guidelines set out in the budgets are followed. This analysis is performed alongside a company's activities to enable it to identify discrepancies as they occur. In other words, it can be used to quickly detect any mistakes in the implementation of the plan. It is easier to find a solution or modify the plan to improve the company's performance if these errors are detected immediately. However, if the plan is not monitored and mistakes go unnoticed, the company could waste a lot of time and money trying to solve problems at a later date.
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Assessing and correcting errors

As well as correcting isolated errors as soon as possible, all companies must seek to continuously improve their business. Individuals in charge of management control must perform analysis procedures on an ongoing basis and then assess the results obtained. This assessment must measure the company's results in comparison with the strategic plan so that actions can be changed if necessary. New strategies may be devised based on the results of this assessment and previous plans may be changed in order to optimize the SMEs operations. The use of information systems and new technology is of major benefit both during the assessment stage and the previous analysis stage. Using available software, it is now possible to automate many of these processes and perform highly complex studies in a matter of seconds. At BBVA, we are aware of the challenges faced by SMEs, which is why we have created a wide range of products to help with management and financial matters. These include accounts, cards, insurance products and financing options that have been specifically designed for small and mid-size companies so that you can easily manage your banking activities wherever you are thanks to our website and mobile application. Moreover, can profit from our banking online BBVA Net Cash and manage all your finances in an only platform.

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