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Management is a key aspect to achieve success in any company. In order for organizations to work in a coordinated and efficient manner, this management must consider all the departments and their associated activities. Since every business depends on its financial situation and resources, account control is one of the most important processes in a company, a fact that is reflected in the wide variety of tools that exist to provide accurate and up-to-date accounting. If you want to know how to improve account control in your business with these tools, read on.
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Do the payments of your company from your other banks without go out of BBVA.

What does controlling a business's accounts involve?

In order to properly run a company, it is essential to know what resources are available at any given time. In this regard, account control basically consists of determining the financial status of the company and managing its economic operations based on this information. This oversight is provided by those persons responsible for the business's books, who manage the company's accounts and any transactions made involving these accounts.

The process of account control can be divided into two basic processes: supervising the company's assets and liabilities, and making accounting entries. On the one hand, it is important to verify that the transactions in the accounts and the available balance are as expected. On the other hand, every operation (purchases, sales, income, expenses, salaries, insurance, etc.) has to be tracked. Both processes are closely related, since if you are unaware of the company's operations, it is impossible to be sure that every account transaction is as expected.

This process is essential to the operation of any organization, as it allows for the proper management of its economic resources, for informed decisions to be made and for ensuring that the business's transactions and accounts stay within the bounds of legality.

Account control tools

As with any business process, account control can be greatly simplified by using various computer tools or programs. Accounting programs allow users to enter various transactions, see the resulting balance and create statements or supporting documents for these transactions, among other actions. Since this process is primarily quantitative, the programs that are capable of digitizing and automating these processes are already fairly well established, though new options are emerging for users every day as technology advances. Current account control tools range from the simple spreadsheet to complex accounting and management programs, and all these solutions can be housed in the company's own servers and computers, or in the cloud.

  • Basic spreadsheets: they provide the foundation for any financial management system. These programs include tables and templates designed for processing numerical and alphanumeric data. Their various features can be used to automate mathematical operations such as sums, balances or percent calculations. In addition, they can offer a simple and affordable solution for managing the accounts of self-employed workers and SMEs.
  • Accounting programs to keep a company's books. There is a wide range of advanced programs that include a more intuitive interface for users. The main difference between this type of software and spreadsheets is that they incorporate new features that can be used to, for example, create and manage reports or analyze the information available in order to identify mistakes.
  • Management programs: Another option that is almost essential for larger companies is that offered by integrated management programs. These programs make it possible to organize not only the accounting and account control tasks, but all the procedures involved in managing the company. One of the advantages of this type of solution is that information is automatically shared between all the departments involved, thus streamlining operations. So, for example, if the sales department completes a transaction, the accounting department is notified immediately and receives all the details so it can make the corresponding entry.
  • Cloud software: Current programs also make it possible to work online and store information in the cloud, without having to install the program on a device. This option has the advantage that it is possible to access the tools and information from any computer or mobile device, meaning they don't take up any space in the company's server, and their storage and protection are the responsibility of the cloud service provider.
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Vas of a bank to another for pay to your suppliers
Simplify things! Do the payments of your company without go out of BBVA.

BBVA One View: all your company's bank accounts in one place

So much if your company is big as small, surely work with more than a bank. For that reason, in BBVA try facilitate you daily life with BBVA One View. A tool with which as well as have a vision global of your different banks (to the be able to consult your accounts, cards, TPVs and information of loans and credits), now also you allows do the payments of your company from your other banks without go out of BBVA *.

  • In an agile and simple way: chooses one of your accounts attachés, complete the details of payee, amount and concept and smart, have initiated the payment. The bank that receives the order from BBVA execute the transfer. The transaction receipt it be able to download directly, thus was over have to go of a bank to another.
  • Safe: your passwords always be yours. From BBVA only you ask for the passwords of your other banks at the time of the aggregation. Later, for initiate payments, the passwords only you the ask for your other banks.
  • No fees: not you charge no fee for this service. Only pay what your other bank you copper usually for the transfers standards and immediate.
  • And many more functionalities: as well as carry out the operations, be able to see the historic one of payments tidy for date, the payments pending of signature and cancel the periodic payments, etc.

All without go out of BBVA.

Accesses the online banking of companies BBVA Net Cash, available in website and app, and enjoys advantages as save time, in an immediate way.

* The initiator of payments of BBVA One View is available for the transfers from Caixabank, Santander, Popular, Bankinter, Unicaja and Bankia.

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