How works the software of autosignature for the online registration of your company

Discovers how use the program of electronic signature and registers to your company for Internet right away.
Every time are more the companies and individuals that decide carry out your red tapes for Internet. Between they it is the registration online, process that requires the identification of the company that the requests (as any other record that carries out). For this, is essential have installed in the IT equipment a software of autosignature. In this item, you count how achieve it and how works, in such a way that can carry out the online registration of your company in a fast and simple way.
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What is and for what uses the software of autosignature?

This tool offers to the user a system of authentication that you allows sign any document type from your own team. The user points out what file wants sign and the application chooses automatically the format of signature that owes apply, clearing thus any possible doubt technique. The autosignature allows the identification of the signer and guarantees the integrity of the details and the not repudiation. Moreover, is a sure system and reliable, as not stores no type of personal information.

How achieve the software of autosignature

Can obtain through the page of the Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations . This is, undoubtedly, the plainest and most versatile option, as offers the possibility of sign any document type from the web browser and without needing to use the component of signature Miniapplet. This way, the user can carry out procedures and formalities with the administration regardless of if your web browser is compatible or not with the above-mentioned component. Moreover, the software of autosignature allows the use of external devices, as smart cards, and of devices USB set up in the team, as the ELECTRONIC ID CARD (DNIe).

This system of electronic signature can download in the Web portal of Electronic Administration (PAE), existing different versions of the same one for different operating systems (Windows, Linux and Mac). For proceed to the installation and execution in the team, is necessary have permissions of manager. Once has downloaded the file, owes accept the license agreement in order continue with the installation. At the end of the same one, install also a certificate SSL that guarantees the security in the transfer of details. 

Moreover, the users also have the possibility of download a handbook that explains in detail the procedure.

How and for what procedures uses?

In order sign with the software of autosignature, is necessary have an electronic certificate . For this reason, when executes for the first time, the program checks if there are readers of smart card installed in the system, as are which enable the signature with ELECTRONIC ID CARD or with any other certificate

To the open the program, appears a window of welcome that invites to the user to go up the file that wishes sign. For this, owe find first in the hard disk of the team. Once has gone up the document, the application tells to the user of that has the possibility of add personal details, as the name or the National ID Card, and you invites to check the safety policies and data protection of the receiver before sign and send the file.

As for your application, the systems of electronic signature usually use for process the next administrative steps:

  • Production of the Annual tax return through Internet.
  • Applications in the administrativeelectronic records.
  • Application of the work life .
  • Reception of electronic notifications .
  • Signature of emails .
  • Signature of electronic bills .

Moreover, when open a bank account for companies, the software of autosignature allows confirm the information relating to the company, expediting thus all the process.

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If want register online to your company, in BBVA you it put easy. Our new system of registration online you allows corroborate, through a simple electronic signature process, the authenticity of the well-proportioned details to the bank at the time of register to your company. The main advantage of have installed the software of autosignature lies in the possibility of authenticate any type of procedure without leave home and of completely sure way. 

If want know more information on the new registration online of BBVA for companies, which can carry out 100% online (what avoids that have to come to your office) and in few minutes, low the maximum standards of security. Visit or contact your BBVA branch nearer.

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