How register your company through Internet

Finds out how expedite the procedures of creation of your company.
Implement a business is a process that involves carry out a great number of procedures. For plunge to the adventure of undertake there are two ways: constitute a company of the way traditional, that can take until a month, or do it in a telematic way in just three days. This option simplifies almost all the bureaucracy in a single procedure. Follows reading for find out how register your company through Internet and expedite the process.
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Previous considerations and planning

If you are posing how register your company, owe know that implement a business not is a simple task. This affirmation not owes only to the complexity of the process but also to the amount and the laboriousness of the steps that must follow. Think up an action plan that contemplates different administrative steps to carry out is essential for optimize the time and expedite the creation process. Moreover, in full digital age is necessary to consider certain factors, as the state of the market, feasibility of the project, permissions and necessary licenses or financing, before plunge to undertake. For that reason, is interesting that this route sheet initial contains a previous study and a clear definition of the objectives of the business project , as well as a list of the administrative procedures. 

A tool interesting for this planning phase is the one which offers, free of charge, the General Management of Industry and of the SMB. Is a working document for carry out an enterprise plan that includes several of the points already mentioned. This allows simulate different stages economic in order to clear doubts on questions as the principal necessary, the number of employees, the prices of the products or services, etc. All these considerations previous serve for identify fortresses and weaknesses and later pose strategies that contribute to the feasibility of the project. 

Once has defined an action plan, arrives the moment of give a step of vital importance: determine the legal form (limited company, public limited company, joint assets, co-operative society …) of the future company business. Is important study carefully the information on every category and choose the one which better adapts to the activity that leaves to develop, not only because this choice can determine the steps that be necessary to follow later, but because in Spain only some types of trading companies can create through Internet.

The procedures that owe carry out next depend on the type of company, but usually include the registration in the Census of business people, professionals and retenedores; in the Tax on Economic Activities; in the special scheme for self-employed workers and in the Commercial Registry. Fortunately, this process has simplified nowadays and some of these procedures can carry out in a telematic way in the Information center and Network of Business startups (CIRCE).

How carry out the procedures for register to your company for Internet

After the planning phase, the next step is carry out the procedures that give place to the constitution and start-up of the company. CIRCE has an electronic platform that allows carry out those administrative steps through Internet. For this, the businessman only has to fill in the Document Only Electronic (DUE) and the own one CIRCE see to register to the company after contact the administrations implicated (Internal Revenue service, Social Security Institute, Commercial Registry, Notary's office…). Is important remember that for fill the DUE in the web portal CIRCE is necessary have an electronic certificate . Another question to take into account is that the types of societies that can create: Sole Entrepreneur (Self-employed worker), Limited company (SRL or S.L.), Limited Company of Education Successive (SLFS), Limited Company New Company (SLNE), Joint assets and Civil Society. 

If emerge doubts during the process, is possible come to a Point of Attention to the Entrepreneur (PAE) where can request counseling and information on how register a company.

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Advantages of register your company on the internet

Thanks to the platform CIRCE for the business startups for Internet, implement your business is easier that never. One of the advantages of this system is that, to the make good use of the new technologies and allow the communication among the organisms implicated, deletes the need of travel and do tails for carry out the administrative steps pertinent. This expedites and speeds up considerably all the process, and moreover frees to the businessman of the geographical limitations and hourly that accompany to the procedures in person. The registration through internet can carry out from any part and to any time.

With the desire of adapt to our customers more demanding and expedite even more the start-up of your business, BBVA offers to your users a service of registration online that reduces the procedures of opening of a bank account on the part of the companies. This process, that earlier could take until 15 days, now costs barely some minutes. For take it to cape only need present the ID of the only manager or solidary and the writings of constitution and powers, as well as have installed in your computer the digital certificate of only and solidary manager (backed and given by the National Factory of Currency and Doorbell) and a software of autosignature (with which guarantees the maximum security in the process).

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