Digital certificate and other requirements for the online registration of your company

Discovers all that needs your company for open a bank account of way completely online.
One of the formalities so that a company can operate is open a bank account . A process that apparently owe be easy of carry out and that, however, can arrive to become a quebradero of head for any businessman. To date, the opening of a bank account for companies could take until 15 days in do effective. Now, with the new registration online of BBVA, the time reduces considerably thanks to your process, comfortable and simple, in which be necessary the digital certificate of the company. Discovers how use this last one and what other requirements need for initiate today this registration online.
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How works the digital certificate for companies?

The digital certificate is a document identifying that allows so much to individuals as to companies carry out all kind of procedures of telematic way without need of come in person to the organisms of the corresponding public administration. Moreover, the electronic headquarters where requests is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so the procedure can carry out at any time. 

In him pick up the identifying details of the company, what, as well as avoid red tapes and expedite the processes, guarantees that these have been authenticated by the issuing agency of the certificate, the National Factory of Currency and Doorbell (FNMT). Nowadays, more than 650,000 companies across Spain (60% of the total) carry out your red tapes of way plainer thanks to this certificate online.

When open a bank account for companies, is necessary request the digital certificate of only and solidarymanager. In this case, the account holder identifies oneself not only as individual belonging to a company, but also as manager of the same one. With him, can carry out procedures for bonuses for stock of education, Government Agency Tax, etc. Can request your issuance anyone managers only or solidary that have registered people your faculties of depiction in the Commercial Registry, as long as not have been revoked. The application can complete for Internet if has a certificate of individual FNMT valid or an electronic ID (DNIe), or coming to an office of record for prove the identity of the manager. As well as the electronic certificate of individuals, the digital certificate of only and solidary manager owe download in an IT equipment previous payment of the same one and has a validity two-year.

What other documents need for carry out the registration online?

Besides a digital certificate of only and solidary manager, for open an account of company online need other documents that the manager owes contribute.

In the first place, is necessary prove the identity of the company for which leaves to create the account online using the National ID Card of the only manager or solidary of the company

In the second place, the manager owes present the writings of constitution and powers of the company. For confirm that an agent has the powers necessary to represent to the company, owe subject the same to a make enough, according to which the powers owe have been awarded in the presence of a notary and registered in the Commercial Registry. These powers appear in the writing of constitution, as well as in any other writing of empowerment that has been awarded for the company.

Last of all, be necessary the validation of the application through signature. The Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations offers to the user a system of autosignature free, which allows sign electronically any application in a simple way.

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How obtain the software of autosignature

The software of autosignature is available in the Web portal of the Electronic Administration (PAE), where can download in different versions depending on the operating system of the team (Mac, Windows or Linux). Is a computer program accessible from the web browser, what facilitates the signature for administrative procedures in pages of Electronic Administration. The user points out what file wishes sign and the application chooses automatically the format of signature that owes apply.

Thanks to the new registration service online for companies of BBVA, create a bank account for your business is a process agile and simple that can carry out in few minutes. With just a digital certificate of company (backed and given by the National Factory of Currency and Doorbell), the ID of the only manager or solidary, the writings of constitution and powers of the company and the software of autosignature (with which guarantees the security of the process), can complete the procedure without need of come to a bank branch. Moreover, from BBVA, have developed a service that us allows guarantee the reliability of data and offer you the peace of mind specific to a process backed for the high security standards that us characterize. If want register to your company, visit and begins to use your new account online right away.

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