Benefits of carry out the digital registration of your company in BBVA

Discovers the advantages of contract an account for your business without have to come to the bank.
Your time is gold, and the administration of a company requires attention constant on the part of the managers. Therefore, when is open an account, what looks for is that the process is simple and agile. In BBVA want be near the people: are pioneers in the digital registration of individuals and now want facilitate the creation of a bank account for your company.
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Opens bank with the Account Businesses Bienvenida, without fees and registration 100% Online.

All official documentation takes your time. Long tails in the administration, lots of documentation low the arm, errors to the fill in the papers, etc. To the release of the digital registration of individuals does three years, BBVA addition now a service online of creation of accounts for companies, becoming thus in the first national banking organization in promote a model of banking 100% digital. This is carried out in Internet, without need of go to the office, and in few minutes! 

The digital registration of BBVA is an option reliable through which can share the details of your company in a sureway. Is backed for the National Factory of Currency and Doorbell (FNMT) (issuing agency of the digital certificate for companies necessary to carry out the registration). Already are more than 650,000 companies which make use of this certificate for simplify the process of documentation, what undoubtedly highlights that the management digital is an option more than attractive for corporate clients that prefer manage your businesses in a comfortable and sure way.

How carry out the registration digital

The companies that wish enjoy the advantages of the online registration need comply with the next requirements: contribute the ID of the only manager or solidary of the company and the writing of constitution and powers of the same one, be in possession of the digital certificate of manager only and solidary of the FNMT and have a software of autosignature as the issued by the Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations. From there, the process is carried out of way completely data transmission and in few minutes, thanks to the technology of artificial intelligence applied to the mechanisms of details extraction that has developed BBVA. These allow the pickup and verification from the data related to the company of way agile and sure.

Once the account has been created, the manager can start to use it using a code of company and some passwords of user and password that you be assigned.

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What benefits gives to the companies?

BBVA has been chosen as the best digital bank for corporate clients and institutional in Spain for the magazine “Global Finance”, a recognition that owes undoubtedly to the strategies of digital transformation adopted for the company. This transformation reflects equally in individuals and companies, with innovations as the registration digital or the alternatives electronic for the companies that wish carry out your procedures banking from the comfort of Internet. The online account of BBVA is an example, allowing carry out operations online from the same moment of your creation and of way 100% sure. Although is accounts digital, there is the possibility of select an office for have a manager of reference when is necessary.

Unite you to we and starts to enjoy already same of the advantages of the online account for companies. Visit and creates quickly the online account of your company with the new registration digital of BBVA.

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