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Many companies agree that managing their finances and cash flows takes a lot of effort and investment. Some even say that this activity can take up to two hours a day. For this reason, the efficient and effective management of these departments can allow a company to free up resources and time and be more productive. In this article, we'll tell you what tools are available to help you easily manage your company.
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Management tools for companies

Technological advances have allowed companies to develop a wide variety of tools they can use to streamline their processes. The most common tools in the business field are:

  • ERP systems: in recent years, business resource planning systems have become a key tool in the management of all types of companies. These systems can be used to integrate information from all types of processes and operations within a company, resulting in optimized and improved decision-making.
  • Business Intelligence Software: this software is yet another essential tool in the business environment. Business intelligence goes one step further and lets companies obtain, analyze and process all types of information in order to get a competitive advantage.
  • Financial aggregators: Financial aggregators were the latest revolution in terms of business tools. These services allow companies to manage all their cash and accounting from one place, even if they have accounts in different banks.

The first two tools have been in place at most companies for several years. The last one, however, was a recent revolution, the result of changes in European law involving payment methods.

PSD2, the European payment directive

As it grows in size and operations, it is very common for a business to manage its finances through different accounts, and even through accounts in different banks. Before the European Payment Services Directive, PSD2, was approved, gathering all this information in one place was not easy, so more traditional methods had to be used to manage a company's financial situation.

The aim of this directive is to increase transparency, competitiveness and innovation in the financial sector, and its approval made possible the existence of financial aggregators, since thanks to it, banks are required to transfer their customer data to third parties (provided they have the express consent of the customers).

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One View: BBVA's financial aggregator

One View is a financial aggregator, a communication service that lets companies have all the information on their bank accounts in just one place. One View offers a wide variety of time-saving advantages that make it easy to balance the company's books, as well as new smart features like the Payment Recommender. This feature lets One View users discover the best payment method depending on the circumstances: the source, quantity, destination... and many other factors.

How does One View work?

To access all the benefits and advantages that One View offers, simply sign up and complete the registration process. Is important emphasize that this financial aggregator only is available for customers of BBVA that use Net Cash.

With One View, you can add information on your accounts from multiple banks and choose which accounts or cards to add at any time. Once all the information is added, the tool is responsible for classifying transactions based on a series of categories that you can change later to adapt them to the needs of your business. One View also lets you create alerts for critical situations and key moments, or to prepare reports to track every transaction in your company's bank accounts.

At BBVA, we would like to invite you to try One View, our financial aggregator for companies that gives you all the information you need when you need it. Remembers that in order use One View your company owes be customer of banking online Net Cash. If you want all the information you need on One View, don't hesitate to visit Discover a new way to manage your company's finances.

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