That's the way it is the new registration online for companies of BBVA

Discovers the way plainer to open an account for your company.
To date, the opening of a bank account on the part of a company could take until 15 days in do effective. Today, and thanks to the new registration service online of BBVA, the time can arrive to reduce to just some minutes. A comfort that obtains thanks to that the process carries out integrally through Internet and without paperwork.
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Registration Online Business
Opens bank with the Account Businesses Bienvenida, without fees and registration 100% Online.

So that a company can do customer of BBVA in an online way, only need:

  • ID of the manager only or solidary.
  • Writings of constitution and powers.
  • Have installed in our computer the digital certificate of only and solidarymanager: it issues the Fábrica National of Currency and Doorbell (usual identifier for procedures with the public administration). Of your hand, and through advanced mechanisms of artificial intelligence dedicated to the recognition and extraction of information of the documentation previously contributed, more than 650,000 companies across Spain (near 60% of total) see simplified the information that have to facilitate for this registration online without lose the high security standards that guarantees the bank. 
  • Software of autosignature: the Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations offers one of public character that allows validate any document easily. Simply must point out which is the document to sign and the application chooses the format and it applies.

After carry out the registration online

Once has carried out this process, the customer selects the office that better you comes, among a wide range of options, all of them adapted to your needs. So much if need financing for the company, update your TPV’s, contract an insurance or if decide expand to international level, have the products suitable.

Moreover, and in the event of have some doubt, can solve it good consulting with your manager of SMEs or coming to your office of BBVA nearer.

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Want open bank for your business?
Do it with our Registration Online for Business, without fees

A step forward, but not the last one

With the start-up of the online registration for companies, BBVA advances firmly towards the total implementation of the banking digital for customers, which started does 3 years with the service for individuals. 
A/C Registration Online Business A/C Registration Online Business
2 - Registration Online Business - Additionally be able to interest you 2 - Registration Online Business - Additionally be able to interest you

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