What are ownership certificates?

We will explain what this essential business procedure involves
With the entry into effect of the Anti-Money Laundering Act, when formalising any notarized document, you are required to accredit the identification of the owners who intervene in the deed.
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Ownership certificates are issued by notaries as collaborators in the prevention of money laundering, and are necessary for identifying owners of more than 25% of stock or shares in the Company.

This procedure will be necessary in all commercial business, company operations or power of attorney derived from the same, as well as in any type of economic agreement. In all these cases, certificates should be presented and once signed in the first operation, they can then be used in subsequent operations.

The certificate is a document identifying the holders of the shares or participation.

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The notary will certify that this document complies with the obligation to identify the holder. In mercantile companies, the beneficial owner will be those whose participation in the company is over 25%. However, with sole proprietorship companies this document is not necessary. Thus, in virtue of article 9 of RD 304/204, of 5 May, approving the Regulation of Law 10/2010, on Anti-Money Laundering, the identification of the beneficial owner is not required.
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