The best salary account: what features it must have

Save on fees and make the most out of your account with a salary: know what makes a difference

The process of “direct deposit” of a salary consists of the automatic transfer of your salary to a bank account or salary account. The procedure itself is simple, as all you need to do is tell your employer where to send your salary. However, you must choose where to send the standing order carefully. It's worthwhile taking some time to find the best paycheck account on the market.

We explain how much you can get from putting your salary in the right account and, above all, why it is worth choosing a quality institution. Because as well as managing your income from a remunerated job, a salary account can also be a tool to access excellent banking products.

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What should a salary account offer?

The most important aspect of a salary account is that it should not require administration or maintenance fees. A salary account must also save you any charges for issuing checks or transfers and, most importantly, issue you a credit or debit card free of charge.

A quality salary account must also provide you with the latest tools to control your account online. Don't settle for a dull web portal; try to find a leading application that will do more than check your account balance. Cutting-edge apps let you pay by phone or withdraw cash without carrying around your card.

However, because technology isn't everything, don't let that alone decide which salary account to choose. It is true that it is becoming less and less necessary to go to the bank in person to carry out formalities, but... what if you need an ATM? And what about when it comes to signing for a mortgage? Therefore, you should choose a well-established institution for depositing your salary, and it should be easy to access, particularly if you are looking for the best salary account for yourself. At some point you will need to visit your bank, and it's best if this can be done quickly and easily.

In this regard, one final point that you should consider is your personal situation. Your salary will be the key that opens the door to future financing or a mortgage. Therefore, if you are thinking about buying an apartment or requesting a loan for a car, first consider whether the bank will provide you with these products in the future.

The banking products that accompany a salary account must make sense to you when searching for the best account; this is the only way you can be sure that you will be working with the best option available.

What BBVA can offer for your salary

BBVA does not require its customers to have a salary in order to open an account. However, if you do earn a salary or have a regular income and you choose BBVA, you will have excellent conditions and benefits because of this.

The most important thing as a BBVA customer is that you won't have to pay expenses with your account. At BBVA we've thought about this, which is why we don't want any customer with regular income to pay anything for their account, not even for issuing checks, remittances or transfers, much less for credit or debit cards.

The conditions for enjoying a fee-free account require a minimum income. So which account is ideal for depositing my salary? If you are considering BBVA to deposit your salary, you may be interested in learning about the characteristics of the Va Contigo Account or the Young Person's Account (for people 29 and younger).

If you satisfy the conditions of these accounts, you won't pay anything and you will be able to carry out your most frequent transactions, and benefit from all the advantages of an institution such as BBVA: appealing financing programs, lines of credit, mortgages, credit cards, a network of 6,000 BBVA ATMs, etc. And you can do all of this from any device (computer, tablet or mobile), as the BBVA App allows you to manage all your operations without leaving your home.

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In this respect, BBVA meets all of the most important requirements for offering the best salary account. For more information on this product, go to the "Accounts and Cards" section of you'll find all the details on it. Take a look and benefit from one of the market's leading accounts!
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