Techniques to help you save much more money each month and achieve financial freedom

Luis Pita will tell you how to manage your money well in order to maximize savings

My name is Luis Pita, I am 39 years old and my financial freedom is 14 years. What I mean by this is that, if I were to stop working today, I could live without having to find a job until 2032.

I have managed to obtain so much financial freedom without founding Facebook or receiving a large inheritance. All I've done is manage my money well and use a few techniques that I'm going to teach you today.

I am the author of a book called “Ten peor coche que tu vecino” [have a worse car than your neighbor] (one of Spain and Latin America's best-selling personal finance books). I also write a blog called, which has more than one million readers worldwide.

My passion in life is to help other people gain as much financial freedom as I have.

The key elements you will learn will help you to:

  • Save 20% of your salary every month with no effort
  • Gain much more financial freedom and achieve your life goals

Everything that will help you to save more money

Having plenty of financial freedom will allow you:

1. Live your entire life without money worries or stress

2. Do a job you're passionate about

3. Take the plunge and make your dreams come true with a solid financial cushion

4. Take a sabbatical when you need to

5. Ensure you have a golden retirement

6. Live where you want in your dream house.

7. Have more professional success and take advantage of work opportunities without fear of failure

8. Live mortgage and debt free

9. Help your family and friends when they need it and provide for your children's future

10. Be happier

Jaime, a former colleague of mine, is a director of operations for one of Spain's largest supermarket chains. He has a high salary, drives an Audi Q7 and lives in a luxury residential complex. You might think his finances couldn't be better.

However, the real situation is very different. His expenditure is so high (an extremely big mortgage, private school fees for his three children, club memberships, eating out with friends,...) that he spends his entire salary every month. If he were to find himself out of work, or if the company he works for were to experience difficulties, his house of cards would collapse in just a few weeks. His financial freedom is less than three months. That's why Jaime is always completely stressed-out. He's not yet 43 and has already had two heart attacks.

We all have different breaking points. It's up to you to decide how much financial freedom you want. I recommend you build a financial cushion of at least six months. Ideally, you should have a financial cushion of more than five years.

Seven techniques to help you save much more money and achieve financial freedom

Now that you know how important it is to have plenty of financial freedom, I will teach you seven key elements to save much more each month and to reach the degree of financial freedom that you choose. Every one of these techniques:

  • It is proven. In 2017 alone, more than 16,000 people put these techniques to the test and obtained average monthly savings that exceeded 20% of their salary.
  • It is easy to put into practice. There are thousands of techniques you can use to save money; however, the majority only enable you to save a few Euros a month, are not easy to put into practice or require monumental willpower. Here, you will learn some techniques to help you really save without having to rely on willpower.
  • It is different from what most people do and from what society pushes you to do.

Key Element 1: Saving does not work: the secret is to pre-save

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