Apps to learn how to save and manage your money

Five useful tools.

By definition, saving means setting aside money to be used in future. It is important to have this goal in mind because saving just for the sake of it is hardly motivating. In other words, we should think of saving as a way to achieve our dreams. But, of course, reaching your savings goal can seem impossible at times.

However, this is all changing thanks to the internet and cell phones. Building up a small financial cushion is now an achievable dream. A good first step is to use one of the several apps available on the market designed to help you manage your money. BBVA offers the best app for learning how to save with multiple features to help you along the way.

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Save with Set up your account
Use the six rules and achieve your goals quickly and easily

My Everyday Operations. this tool helps you stay in control of your money as you can see your expenses and income sorted by category. This feature will help you plan and make the best decisions for saving money. Also, it's extremely intuitive and easy to use.

Projected Transactions: this tool, which can be accessed via Bconomy, estimates your income and expenses for the next two months. As a result, you can make the best decisions in advance to improve your finances.

Bconomy: this feature can be accessed via the app or It provides you with a clear picture of your finances by measuring the evolution of your expenses and income, your level of savings, the percentage you spend on your home, and whether you are in debt (and, if so, how much). After gathering all this data, it diagnoses your situation and suggests tailored plans to boost you financial health. But that's not all! The tool uses big data to compare you with other people of similar characteristics in your area, so you can see if your spending is above or below average. It also enables you to see if you are paying more than others to service providers.
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BBVA Goals account
The account that helps you achieve your savings goals.

My Goals: the main advantage is that there are no administration or maintenance fees. What's more, you can access your savings at any time. To start using it, you simply assign a name to each goal together with a target amount and date. Based on this information, you will receive notifications about your savings progress. However, please note that you cannot use this account to set up direct billing for paychecks, bills, or other similar types of deposits.

Set up your account. this tool consists of six features to give you better control of your account and savings. You can set a minimum balance limit (to avoid going overdrawn), set a maximum balance limit (above which any extra money is transferred to a savings account), round off your purchases to the next euro (the change is transferred to your savings account), save a percentage of your paycheck at the beginning of the month (or at the end of the month after making all your necessary payments), and save any extra money from your categorized budgets. All these tools are completely free. The only requirement is to be the holder of at least two BBVA accounts.

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