BBVA SegurPyme

A comprehensive insurance policy to protect your SME.

  • Insure your property, assets, and business activity.
  • Includes civil liability for damages to third parties.
  • Access to support services for emergencies and legal assistance. 
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What does BBVA SegurPyme cover?

  • This insurance offers the following coverage:
    • Fire, explosion and lightning.
    • Associated costs.
    • Action of water.
    • Atmospheric phenomena.
    • Additional risks.
    • Electrical phenomena.
    • Theft.
    • Acts of vandalism.
    • Civil liability depending on the activity: construction, tenant, operational, employer, product, or work liability.
    • Assistance.

    You can extend your SME insurance coverage to the following maximum limits.

    See maximum insured capital

And you can add

  • You can also add other coverages to your SME insurance:

    • Glass breakage.
    • Electrical damage.
    • Breakdown of electronic equipment.
    • Machinery breakage.
    • Parked vehicles.
    • Refrigerated goods.
    • Spillage of merchandise and falling of shelves.
    • Spillage of molten material.
    • Extension to fully comprehensive insurance
    • Loss of earnings (daily compensation).
    • Cash in safe.
    • Cash in transit.

What other assistance services are included?

  • Thanks to Allianz insurance, BBVA SegurPyme offers an extensive range of assistance services:

    • Emergency assistance and services: ambulance, security emergencies, emergency locksmith, emergency plumbing, and emergency electrician.
    • Legal assistance: legal advice center and legal aid helpline. Limit of €12,000 per year. There is a minimum litigious amount of €600.
    • “Always by your side” assistance.

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What are the requirements?

  • To take out BBVA SegurPyme, you must fulfill the following requirements:

    • Be self-employed or an SME
    • The premises that you want to insure must be located in Spain. 
    • You must comply with the safety requirements, anti-theft and fire protection measures, declare your business activity correctly, and submit information about the construction, location, and condition of the premises or facilities. These requirements are required by the insurance company when taking out the insurance policy.

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