Operational renting

Leasing of industrial vehicles.

Semi-trailers, rigid lorries, tractor heads and buses.
  • 2 Prepayable and direct debited fixed payments.
  • 2 Tax deductible.
  • 2 Low fees due to the existence of a V.R. residual value.


  • The details of this Operational Renting are specified below:

    • Low payments, due to the existence of a significant residual value. 
    • Prepayable and direct debited fixed payments
    • Regular term up to 60 months. Irrevocable. 
    • From €25,000 net investment. 
    • Compulsory insurance. 
    • Maintenance: compulsory between client and supplier, where negotiation to include it in our contract is possible. 
    • Simple accounting, as it is an expense.
    • Not counted as a debt.
    • Tax deductible.
    • Improvement of ratios: ROI.
    • Options upon termination: extend the contract, return the equipment or buy it at a market price, which is not agreed a priori.
    • Technological renewal (keeps equipment from becoming obsolete).
    • Flexibility: when the renting contract ends, you have the option to extend the contract term, buy or return the assets.

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