Solar Autoconsumo Renting

Improve the energy efficiency of your business with photovoltaic equipment.

You can apply for it at our partner company Rent&Tech.
  • No initial payments.
  • Does not consume own resources.
  • The expenses associated with the project are included in a single fee.

How does it work?

  • With Solar Autoconsumo Renting you will be able to improve your company's energy efficiency by renting photovoltaic panels. You will optimize the energy cost of your business thanks to self-provision and your electricity consumption will be greener and more sustainable.

    Once you apply for Solar Autoconsumo Renting, an initial study will be made of the installation and its potential energy savings, to be able to offer you financing proposals that are in line with your needs.

What services are included?

  • Solar Autoconsumo Renting includes the following services:

    • Staff specialized in energy management to oversee and manage your project from start to finish.
    • An initial study with a first pre-design of the installation and its potential savings on the energy bill according to the rates in force.
    • Visit from a consultant or installer to submit a final budget including all the activation details.
    • Purchase and supplier management for all the elements needed to install photovoltaic panels.
    • Maintenance support through our network of collaborators and customer service department.

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