Exporters ICO Facility

We help you to obtain a specific ICO Line to receive advance payment against export invoices.

So that your company continues to grow and export its products to other countries.
BBVA offers the advantages needed to make work easier.
  • 2 Obtain liquidity by receiving advance payment of invoices from your export activity. This will also enable you to cover prior production costs and manufacture the goods to be exported.
  • 2 Formalize your financing method, whether factoring with recourse or advances on account of exports.


    • Beneficiaries: Spanish companies and self-employed business people who issue invoices for recognized sales of goods and services to a buyer located outside Spain.
    • Validity: Convenio ICO 2020 facilities available soon.
    • Bankable investments: Receive advance payment against invoices issued for recognized sales within the customer's export operations only for invoices with a maturity date less than 180 days. The transactions with Pre-financing contracted will serve to provide liquidity to self-employed workers and companies registered in Spain, with the aim of covering the manufacturing costs of the goods and services to be exported, that is, prior to the delivery of the good.

    BBVA financing through the 2019 ICO Facilities. The granting of the operations is subject to the fulfillment of the requirements established in each of the ICO FACILITIES and to the previous authorization of the financing on the part of BBVA

Financial terms

    • Maximum amount: 12.5 million euros. This maximum amount per customer will be calculated based on the outstanding balance of each customer in all the transactions formalized via the 2019 ICO-Exporters Line.
    • Finance mode: The transactions can be formalized both as Factoring with recourse and as advances on account of exports.
    • Interest rate: Variable, with the differential varying depending on the term of the operation.
    • Early cancellation: exempt from voluntary early cancellation fee.

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