CAP Advance Agropréstamo loan

Obtain an advance on the subsidy.

By direct depositing the CAP with BBVA.
  • Interest rate of 0% NIR, from 2.65% APR.
  • Request up to 100% of the subsidy.
  • No fee for early cancellation of the loan.

How does it work?

  • If you have your CAP subsidy paid into your BBVA account, you will have the possibility of an interest-free advance of the subsidy (0% NIR, from 2.65% APR). You can request the entire amount of the subsidy and return it automatically when the subsidy is deposited in your account.

    You will only pay an arrangement fee of 3% of the amount requested. You will have until June 30 of the following year to return the CAP advance. So if you have applied for it in 2019, you will have until June 30. 2020 for the subsidy to be paid and, thus, repay the loan.

What conditions do you have to meet?

  • To request the CAP advance loan, you must be a farmer and own a holding and be entitled to the subsidy.

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