BBVA AvalBox: online management of guarantees

Manage your business guarantees online.

  • 2 Instantly find out your risk limits, issued guarantees, maturity dates, beneficiaries, amounts, etc.
  • 2 Process your endorsements for companies directly wherever you are.
  • 2 Guaranteed by the Royal Spanish Mint (FNMT).

How does it work?

  • Avalbox is that simple
    • Access directly via Net Cash using your credentials.
    • Request any type of guarantee, whether the payee is a private sector or public sector business.
    • You can use default or customised texts.
    • We tell you the cost of the guarantee from the start.
    • You choose the best term for your needs: With an indefinite or specific maturity date.
    • The Spanish Royal Mint as a trusted third party.

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What advantages does BBVA Avalbox offer?

  • This service offers the following advantages
    • As there is no physical paperwork, there is no risk of an endorsement being lost
      or damaged.
    • You can monitor the procedure.
    • You can consult to all issued, canceled and executed guarantees.
    • Save time on processing guarantees.
    • You can manage your guarantees for companies directly.

How do you present business guarantees?

  • There are three ways
    • Digital presentation. The Royal Spanish Mint (FNMT) is responsible for reporting the issuance of guarantees and their safekeeping. It also offers a verification service.
    • Online presentation to a public authority. We currently collaborate with the General Deposit Fund of the Public Treasury and the Galician Regional Government.
    • Submission at a branch. You must collect the guarantee at a BBVA branch.

What type of business guarantee do you want?

  • You have two options
    • Technical guarantee: BBVA will be responsible for any obligations that are unfulfilled by the holder (the endorsed party) in the case of supply contracts (e.g., tenders, auctions, non-payment of rent, unpaid leasing fees, etc.). In this regard, you ensure that the service or work will be carried out in the requested manner.
    • Financial endorsements: BBVA guarantees fulfillment of your obligations in accordance with a monetary limit and/or established term. This type of bank endorsement is used, for example, in home rentals. In the case of companies, they simply guarantee that a payment will be made for something in the future.
      These subtypes include financial endorsements: they are financial guarantees. However, in this case, they refer to the corresponding payment obligations of a promissory note or treasury bill.
      • Commercial: the bank guarantees the payment obligation resulting from a business transaction between parties.
      • Non-commercial: credits or loans granted to a BBVA customer by other banks or credit institutions authorized by BBVA.

What are the requirements?

  • Be registered with BBVA Empresas Online Banking (BBVA Net Cash) and have activated the Endorsements module.

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