Bank account aggregation service for companies

You can now add your other banks to the BBVA app.
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Group together all your banking information.

From an overview of your accounts and cards to your most recent transactions.
  • Log in via the BBVA website or app.
  • Convenient and intuitive.
  • Secure: Your login passwords are not required.

What is the financial aggregator?

Imagine being able to see all your account information from different banks in one place: account overview, card information, more recent transactions, direct debit bills, pension plans, etc.

All this is now possible with the new BBVA Aggregation Service. Say goodbye to opening and closing different apps and see all your banking information in one place: at or in the BBVA app.

How does it work?

If you're a BBVA customer, connecting your other banks is simple:

  • Go to the BBVA website or app.
  • Select and add a bank with the same login passwords that you use for the app or website.

At BBVA, security is a must. We will never ask you for your passwords. You will get a summary of all your expenses and income, but you will keep making your payments and transfers from your other banks.

Your bank on your smartphone with the BBVA app