Signing transactions

Sign 100% using the app — it's easier: 

If you carried out the transaction in the online banking website version:

  1. Log into the BBVA Empresas app with your usual password.
  2. Find the option <Signatures and files> on the side menu.
  3. Select your outstanding transactions and sign them without having to include an additional code (the token is built into the app).

If you carried out the transaction on the app version, you can sign it directly.

What if I prefer to sign on the website?

  1. When you are going to carry out the transaction, you will be asked for a code that you have to generate in the app (mobile token).
  2. To generate this code, select <Generate security code> from the login screen (without having to enter the app).
  3. Enter the transaction identifier (which is shown on the screen/web version) to generate the security code.
  4. The app will automatically generate the code you need to sign the transaction on the website.

The mobile token is enabled by downloading the online business banking app (Android/iOS). Once installed, you will have to activate your token on your cell phone following the instructions shown on the screen.

Download the BBVA Empresas app