COVID-19 grants

The COVID-19 Next Generation funds and the ICO Facilities are intended to alleviate the impact of the coronavirus and promote the recovery.

Public aid for self-employed workers and businesses due to COVID-19

In March 2019, we saw how the society we knew up to then had changed completely. The arrival of COVID-19 forced society to implement new measures for safe coexistence. Never before seen by many, these measures included social distancing between people (up to 2 meters) and adopting new hygiene and safety measures (such as hydroalcoholic gel or face masks).
Although these guidelines affected the entire population, they had a greater effect on the business fabric of our country. The self-employed workers, SMEs, and companies that make up said fabric had to stop their activity for several months. At BBVA we want to support all the people affected, providing public aid to alleviate this serious situation caused by COVID-19. Choose from among the different types of financing and assistance available to you.

Financing and aid due to COVID-19 that might interest you

We want to keep being a part of the solution

Our posture has been firm since the start of the crisis: we want to be involved in overcoming this situation as soon as possible.

We will continue providing and facilitating access to ICO-backed financing, as well as to EU subsidies.