BBVA Net Cash: online banking for businesses

Simplify the financial management of your business. Fast and effective financial management of your business.
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Everything you need from your bank for your business.

The most efficient way to manage your business

  • Find out the status of your BBVA products at a glance wherever you are. Get fast and intuitive access to detailed information whenever you need it.
  • Get a complete overview of your accounts and control all your transactions. View your overall balance and transaction history, and access individual payment and deposit statements.
  • View and download documents related to charges, deposits, payment receipts, and tax information at any time and anywhere. What's more, there's no paperwork involved.
  • Obtain detailed information about each transaction carried out with your business POS terminals (physical and virtual).
  • Everything your business needs to grow. Access your lines of funding, consult past provisions, and request new ones. See how much you've drawn down and request new credit in General position > Financing.
  • Manage all your company cards easily and securely. Request new cards, block cards, and load your prepaid cards online.
  • Access information about your renting, insurance, and leasing contracts, etc.

More customized services for you and your business.

  • Carry out standard and complex transactions quickly and intuitively.
  • Simplify and improve your business payment collection management including debit entries to supplier reverse factoring.
  • Make business payments and expedite your payment collections from anywhere in the world.

Get the most out of your business

  • Get immediate information on your cell phone about events that matter to your business.
  • Perform detailed checks to see if your files are valid or require modification. Correct your files online.
  • Save time requesting your balance and ownership certificates, etc., without needing to go to the bank.

BBVA Net Cash app,

Continues with the financial management of your business from anywhere and moment with the BBVA app Net Cash