Smart Business Lite App

The app for businesses in the Restaurant sector, which allows you to manage orders and take payment from a single device: the BBVA Android POS terminal. And, for businesses in the Basque Country, charges made from this app comply with the TicketBAI regulation. 

Ideal for coffee shops, bars, small restaurants, food trucks, stalls at festivals, etc.

It offers all of these advantages:

  • Create orders linked to tables: Choose the table and start adding products from your catalog. It's that easy.
  • Have all orders always at hand: With a quick view, you have all the information at your fingertips, from the number of diners to when the account was opened, and much more.
  • View the status of your restaurant at a glance: The table map and the status of open orders help you quickly see the status of your restaurant at any time.
  • Take payment and print receipts without changing screen: Process payments by card, e-wallet or Alipay and WeChat QR code and print receipts without leaving the app. The sale is recorded both in your POS terminal and in your app.
  • Also record cash: As well as taking payment by card, e-wallet or QR, you can record your cash payments or other methods (restaurant voucher, gift card, etc.) from the same app.
  • Complies with the TicketBAI regulation (for stores in the Basque Country). All charges made from the app (including cash transactions) comply with the TicketBAI regulation, and sales receipts will be sent electronically to your Regional Treasury from the POS terminal at the time of purchase.

Other useful options

  • Smart options. Use modifiers and notes to prepare orders in the way your customers prefer.
  • Tips. Add and record tips when taking payment.
  • Account splitting. Easily split the account into equal parts or by product.
  • Multi-rooms. Create different areas depending on the distribution of your premises or the organization of your restaurant.
  • Takeaway orders. Assign "virtual" tables exclusively for managing orders to take away/pick up.

A picture is worth a thousand words. . .

Go to the "Academy" section of BBVA Smart Business LITE for Restaurants to see all these features in action.

Go to your BBVA branch to sign up for an Android POS terminal (if you don't have one yet) and request the Smart Business Lite app. 

Search for the app on your BBVA Android POS terminal and try the free DEMO version. 

If you wish to sign up for the full payment version by Revo, the supplier of the Smart Business Lite app for BBVA, select the button enabled for this directly from the app. 

Or if you wish, go to the Revo page and follow the indicated steps.

**Service provided by Revo through its own app or software, which can be downloaded from the POS terminal. Revo is solely responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Service and for any legal and contractual obligations that may arise, especially involving confidentiality and privacy. The POS terminal is only used as a technological resource to make the app available to the store. BBVA bears no responsibility with regard to the Service and the consequences of the actions of Revo. The details of the operations and customers of the store that use the Service purchased by the store will be processed by Revo through its application installed in the POS terminal. BBVA will not have access to any details related to the Service.